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Curriculum Vitae — ( PDF )



The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Pennsylvania
    BA in Art with Japanese language minor, May 2001
    BS in Astronomy & Astrophysics, May 2003

Most-recent Research

During the past few years I worked on model star evolution and supernovae calculations over a grid of high-mass stars (8-120 solar masses) using the "Saguaro" cluster at ASU's High Performance Computing Initiative, part of ASU's "Follow the Elements" team, member of the NASA Astrobiology Institute — specifically, my work addressed the following tasks (as further described, in context,here):
"Model in detail the chemical and dynamical evolution of a massive star as it evolves on the main sequence and then explodes"
"Determine which elemental or isotopic ratios correlate with key elements" (i.e., those of primary interest to astrobiologists but can be difficult to observe spectroscopically)

Research Interests

Science communication: Constructing visualizations from data, and speculative "space art"; explaining the tools and methods of science and reporting discoveries in manners meaningful and exciting to the public
Astrobiology: Habitable planets; biological evolution, phylogenetics, and extremophiles; cosmochemistry and evolution of habitable environments in a galactic and cosmological perspective
Astronomy / Astrophysics: Extrasolar planet detection, characterization; planetary system evolution
Geological / Planetary Sciences: Earth system science, human impact; paleontology and mass extinction events

Teaching Interests

Multimedia: Using web-based/interactive technologies to engage learners; educational game development
Learner-directed Experience: Laboratory-style investigation to reinforce education in the methods of science
Art: Science-informed art (visual, performance, etc.) as teaching and learning tools


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